This Valentine’s Day, Springfield Armory is teaming with gunsmithing and finishing experts XDMAN to auction off a pair of custom-finish “his and hers” SAINT AR-15s on to benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. The auction started today and runs through Feb. 28 at midnight.

These custom Springfield Armory SAINT ARs feature tactical KG Gunkote finishes designed and applied by gunsmith James Nicholas. The first SAINT has a KG Gunkote Red and Black Splatter Coat finish. It creates a “two-color ghosting effect,” according to the press release, and has a tactical appearance with a modern-day camo pattern.

The second SAINT also uses the Splatter Coat technique with a cool color mixture for a unique finish. The base coast features Silver and Pink coatings that combine to create a lilac background, while the splatter effect uses Titanium and Purple. It all results in a pattern that has a cool-looking metallic sheen when it’s exposed to light.

“I was intrigued by the idea of customizing his and hers rifles with consecutive serial numbers. The Splatter Coat technique has been our most popular finish, and I wanted to highlight the Valentine’s Day timing of this fundraiser with carefully chosen colors. I think the result is something really special,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas also applied matching finishes to Hexmag Series 2 mags “as the innovative design of these durable advanced composite magaines add to the aesthetic value,” the release states. Both custom-finish SAINTs ship with the original and unaltered Magpul 30-round mags. If you win this auction and you live in a state with magazine capacity restrictions, fear not: a state-compliant magazine will be shipped to you.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Led by Chris’ widow Tara, the foundation provides experiences that strengthen military and first responder marriages and families.

“We’re thrilled that Springfield Armory is continuing their support of the Foundation,” Taya Kyle said. “This fundraiser represents their esteem of our law enforcement, EMS, and military communities and desire for these families and marriages to thrive. It’s great to have this kind of support.”

“We’re honored to continue our support of this Foundation honoring a great American hero,” said Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese. “Last year, we had the honor of producing a special version of the 1911 TRP™ pistol that American Sniper Chris Kyle carried in combat to benefit the Foundation. This year, we wanted to continue that tradition and find a new way to support the great work being done by Taya Kyle and the Foundation team.”

For more information on the Valentine’s Day auction, please visit

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