The Petersburg Police Department in Alaska selected the Staccato P Duo for duty.

Staccato announced the selection of the P Duo 2011 by the Petersburg Police Department in Alaska. The department cited pistol performance and the company’s training program, along with increased shooter performance, in making the selection.

Alaska Police Department Selects Staccato P Duo

Petersburg police offers saw improved scores during qualification testing, according to Staccato 2011. While many departments elect to arm officers with polymer-framed, striker-fired platforms, Staccato made news recently, gaining approval from 250 different law enforcement agencies.

“The Staccato P Duo was put into the hands of men and women of all shooting experience levels who were used to shooting a striker fired duty weapon,” said James Kerr, Chief of Police, Petersburg Police Department. “Almost immediately, everyone saw clear improvements in their shooting ability. I have observed my officers pushing themselves to new levels not seen before with prior duty weapons.”

Staccato worked with the department on-site in Petersburg, Alaska. Staccato team professionals provided various instruction. Courses included Law Enforcement Basic Handgun Course and 2011 Armorers Level 1 Course. Law Enforcement Level 2 Advanced Handgun & Carbine Course rounded out the instruction.

“We are seeing departments–large and small–across the country approve Staccato 2011 pistols for their superior performance in qualification tests that provide officers with an increased level of shooter confidence,” said Buck Pierson, Staccato Director of Law Enforcement and Military Business.

The commercial Staccato P DUO (Dawson Universal Optic System) retails for $2,499. For even more info, please visit

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