Stag Arms Commemorative Rifle Program

Have you ever wanted to personalize your firearm? Now Stag Arms is giving gun owners that chance with its all new Commemorative Rifle Program.

Stag Arms is offering rifles with your insignia, crest or logo laser engraved on the right hand side of the magazine well on all future orders. The program is not being applied to previous purchases.

The gun manufacturer is encouraging large orders, as orders of 10 or more rifles will be able to take advantage of Stag Arms’ special group pricing.

Any orders of 10 or less will be reviewed by the manufacturer and priced on a case-by-case basis.

Those interested in complete specifications, detailed information and pricing for the Commemorative Rifle Program must submit a form on the program’s page.

Stag Arms has said that currently, due to overwhelming response, replies from their sales department may take anywhere from one to two weeks.

For more information on the Stag Arms Commemorative Rifle Program and other products from Stag Arms, please visit

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