Troopathon 7
A look at Troopathon 7

Stag Arms partnered with Move America Forward (MAF), the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization, during Troopathon 7, a star-studded effort to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan.

At the end of the fundraiser, MAF collected $301,626 to support the troops. The current total stands at more than $324,000 out of the goal of $350,000.

Stag Arms was on hand to announce the winner of a huge giveaway that helped promote Troopathon 7. To help support Troopathon and send more care packages to the troops, Stag Arms partnered with MAF to give away a free AR-15 style rifle valued at more than $900.

The winner, Wayne Dupree, an eight-year Air Force veteran who lives in Maryland, will be able to choose any one of three available models in left-handed or right-handed configuration.

“Winning this Stag Arms rifle during Troopathon 2014 was the cake on the table for me, but the icing was gathering social media together and giving them a way to make donations to my military brothers and sisters in the way of care packages,” Dupree said in a release.

“I was in the military for eight years, and I know first hand what a care package will do especially in times when you are lonely or homesick,” Dupree added. “It is a great honor to help them and win this rifle. While in the USAF, I was an expert with the M-16 and .38 so this is something I will treasure always.”

“Troopathon 7 – Care Packages for Our Heroes” was the seventh annual Troopathon event, an eight-hour long fundraiser bringing together pro-troop movie stars, TV personalities, elected officials, professional athletes, musicians, talk radio hosts and many other supporters to encourage viewers to sponsor care packages for U.S. troops serving overseas.

In order to donate, please visit  MAF’s website or call (866) 866-6372.

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