Steyr Law Enforcement Training

Steyr Arms recently announced a new training program exclusively for law enforcement at the Steyr Academy at the CMP Range in Talladega, Alabama. Steyr will offer its long-range training course to designated marksmen for law enforcement agencies. Above all, it’s offering this premium training course absolutely free of charge.

Steyr Law Enforcement Training

The long-range course comprises two days of instruction, taught by Steyr’s Training Academy Director Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta. A long-range shooting world champion, Fontcuberta brings more than 25 years experience. Further, he served as both a military and police sniper instructor and armorer. He is also considered one of the world’s leaders in extreme long-range shooting, according to Steyr Arms. Now Fontcuberta dedicates his time to teaching a no-nonsense course. It takes place in a personal training environment that provides his students with the knowledge necessary to become a super-accurate, long-distance shooter in any condition, according to Steyr.

“At Steyr Arms, we are proud to support law enforcement,” said Scott O’Brien, president and CEO. “We are using our training academy to show our respect for police officers across the country who put their lives at risk every day to keep us safe. This is our way of saying thank you for everything you do.”

Steyr offers the two-day course free of charge to qualified law enforcement marksmen. If you or someone in your agency would be interested in receiving the training, CLICK HERE to contact the Steyr Training Academy.

The Steyr Training Academy offers courses in Precision Rifle, AUG Carbine, Scout Rifle, Precision Hunter, HS .50/.460, and armorer courses. Meanwhile, the company’s Steyr Elite Experience program offers a course free of charge to anyone who purchases a rifle of $1,250 or more.

For more information on the Academy itself, visit

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