Steyr Arms has announced that it will donate a limited edition Jeff Cooper Scout Rifle Commemorative Package to the annual Gunsite Alumni Shoot (GAS Match), which will be held Oct. 2 at the Gunsite Academy in Paulden, AZ. The rifle will be used by competitors in the Scout Rifle Side Match and will be awarded to the shooter with the highest score in that match. All proceeds from the Scout Rifle Side Match will be donated to the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation.

The GAS Match was created in 1984 by legendary small-arms expert, author and founder of what would later become the Gunsite Academy, Marine Corps Lt. Col. John Dean “Jeff” Cooper (1920-2006). “A social event only slightly interrupted by gunfire,” the GAS Match was designed by Cooper to be a practical and realistic competitive course of fire. The only prerequisite to compete in the GAS Match is to have attended one of Gunsite’s courses lasting three or more days. The match is limited to the first 125 Gunsite alumni who apply.

Cooper worked with Steyr Arms through much of the 1990s to create his signature rifle, the Steyr Scout. With a Steyr SBS action, a lightweight cold-hammer-forged barrel chambered in .308 Win., an integral bipod, back-up iron sights, an extra magazine held beneath the butt of the polymer stock, and paired to a forward-mounted long-eye-relief scope, Cooper’s Scout was heralded as the ideal general-purpose rifle chambered in the ideal general-purpose caliber.


“This year at the GAS Match, the Steyr Scout comes ‘home’ to Gunsite,” said Jane Anne Shimizu, Gunsite Academy director of marketing. “Much of the Scout’s design criteria was hammered out right here at Gunsite, and it was through his relationship with Steyr that his ultimate rifle was created. Steyr Arms’ gracious donation of a complete Scout rifle with all the accessories and adorned with the Colonel’s logo—exactly as the very early rifles came—is a wonderful addition to this match.”

The Jeff Cooper Scout Rifle Commemorative Package, which recently became available to customers, is chambered in .308 Win., and it sets in the original “Scout Gray” stock highlighted by the “JC” crest-of arms. A 2.5X 28mm Leopold Scout scope is attached to the integral top rail via Steyr mounts. An attached Galco Ching Sling is also inscribed with the “JC” crest, as is the Boyt TAC541 soft case and the Boyt H44 hard case. The latter also boasts the Steyr Arms logo. To finish off the package, a hardbound copy of Cooper’s Art Of The Rifle is also included. The package has an MSRP of $2,975.

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