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Brad Lang with EOD Warrior Foundation Chief Steve Bronson and his service dog Diego (CREDIT: Soldier Systems)

Former Marine Brad Lang lost both of his legs in a 2011 IED blast in Afghanistan.

Last week. the Stumpies Custom Guns co-founder got a four-legged friend to help him out.

Lang was presented Diego, a 2-year-old Belgian Malanois, on behalf of the EOD Warrior Foundation. Diego trained for seven months to assist Lang, Soldier Systems reported.

Brad had Diego initially for about four months and then he turned him over to BMC Bronson (USN, Ret) to train him as a service dog. Diego has been learning how to recover Brad’s chair, assist with handicapped doors and crosswalks, as well as regular doors. Most of all, Diego will be someone to, in Brad’s own words, “watch my Six.”

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EOD Warrior Foundation has paid for the entire training process. Everything from food to vet bills to training. They even purchased a Jog-a-Dog treadmill for Diego so that he can work off his excess energy.

Lang started Stumpies Custom Guns with fellow Marine Johnny Morris, who also lost a leg in a 2011 Afghanistan IED blast.

“Johnny and I did our best to serve our warfighting brothers by protecting them from IEDs,” Lang said. “We want to meet our current and new customers’ needs with the best possible products and services available today.”

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Stumpies Custom Guns founders Johnny Morris (left) and Brad Lang (right).

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