sulsatSmall Unit Leader Situational Awareness Tool SULSAT
Small Unit Leader Situational Awareness Tool (SULSAT). (CREDIT: U.S. Army)

A new, unmanned smart phone application could keep soldiers safer while deployed in the field.

The Small Unit Leader Situational Awareness Tool (SULSAT) was tested last month at the Fort Benning, Ga., Maneuver Battle Lab.

According to the Army Times:

SULSAT gives leaders their own real-time feed from available unmanned sources — tests at Benning included a Dragon Runner ground robot and a Raven UAV. The tech isn’t all that mysterious: A wireless signal from the unit’s tactical robotics controller, or TRC, gets beamed to the team leader, who can monitor the feeds on a smartphone.

Currently,  SULSAT only has a range of approximately 20 feet. However, the tool’s developers would like to see SULSAT reach between 200 and 250 meters to increase its usefulness.

SULSAT could have numerous capabilities in the field, like helping with unfamiliar territory.

“I can see it being especially useful if you’re trying to get a foothold in a building in village that you haven’t been to before,” Spc. Timothy McCoy told

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