An alleged gunman charged Sumter County Sheriff's deputies in Florida.

Sumter County Sheriff’s deputies demonstrated incredible communication and awareness while taking down reported armed suspect in Florida June 27. Officers, armed with patrol rifles, called out several times the suspect remained unarmed. So an officer deployed a Taser, taking down the charging suspect.

Sumter County Sheriff’s Deputies Tase Gunman

Officer body cam footage showed the end of the incident, where officers made a tough call in real time. And they did so after reports the suspect fired on passing cars. A Sumter County Sheriff’s Office release said officers also visibly saw the suspect wave a gun in their direction during a standoff.

The incident began when officers responded to calls of a man allegedly shooting at passing cars. Officers saw the suspect, 41-year-old Miguel Navarro, wave a gun before throwing it down and fleeing, reported He then reportedly jumped back in his vehicle and sped away. The ensuing chase ended in a crash, where deputies pulled out rifles, ready to engage a threat.

The suspect then “abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot,” the Sumter release said. “Deputies took to a foot chase, tased the suspect and successfully took him into custody.”

Multiple vehicles reportedly took fire from the suspect, according to Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. However, no injuries were reported. Navarro now faces several charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault, battery, criminal mischief and resisting and officer, reported

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