The South Carolina-based Sumter Police Department last week became the latest agency to jump on the SIG Sauer train. While numerous agencies have adopted the SIG P320 this year, the Sumter Police Department is the first to simultaneously adopt both the SIG P320 and SIG P365 pistols.

Both adopted pistols are chambered in 9mm.

Sumter Police Add SIG P320, P365

As a full-service law enforcement agency, seven divisions comprise the Sumter PD with 120 sworn officers protecting more than 40,000 citizens.

To no surprise, the P320 will end up in the hands of Sumter’s LEOs. Meanwhile, Sumter detectives will use the P365 in the field. The former has quickly become a mainstay for LEOs, while the latter makes sense for both its capacity and concealable design.

The P365 features a double-stack magazine for a 10+1 full-size capacity. SIG also offers 12-round factory made magazines available for 13-round capacity.

“The modularity of the P320 allows our officers to choose a grip based on comfort without the addition of bulky backstraps. We are really seeing the benefits of this feature in higher qualifying scores,” Sumter Police Capt. Michael Evans said in a statement. “As for our detectives, the P365 is the perfect pistol because of the small size and high-capacity, which makes it easy to conceal without sacrificing rounds.”

With the SIG system on its way in, what goes out?

Evans said the new SIG Sauer system replaces the department’s current Glock pistols. While Evans did not specify what the P320 will replace, the P365 replaces the Glock 43.

“In testing we put the P320 and the P365 through the paces,” Evans said. “Quite impressively, they both performed beyond expectations throughout our rugged testing requirements.”

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