No matter which team you were rooting for—sorry, Pats fans—Super Bowl 52 was a resounding success in terms of security; that’s all due to the strong law enforcement presence in and around U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn. The lead agency in charge of Super Bowl 52 security was the Minneapolis Police Department, which issued OSS Suppressors’ HX-QD 556k and HX-QD 762 cans to four of its Metro SWAT Warrant and Sniper teams.

Super Bowl 52 Testing

A press release reveals that Minneapolis police went with OSS Suppressors after a four-month evaluation completed with the assistance of Sentinel MN, a company that supplies firearms, optics and suppressors to law enforcement agencies.

“Our approach takes all the hype out of the process and puts quality equipment in the hands of the officers. Starting last summer, we presented a range of suppressors from over 10 manufacturers and let the teams test performance with thousands rounds,” Sentinel MN owner Tom Huot said.

Mark Kaspszak, a SWAT sniper with the Minneapolis Police Department, said that the department had tested suppressors “a few at a time” in previous instances, but this time they had a chance to “finally take a hard look at most of the major brands head to head and compare factors like sound suppression, muzzle flash, blowback, weight/length, accuracy impact, attachment mechanism, and how the suppressors impacted our SBR and precision rifles. After all that, leaders for both the Sniper teams and our Warrant teams unanimously selected OSS as the suppressor we wanted on our guns.”

Helix-QD Suppressors

In case you were wondering, OSS Suppressors officially unveiled its new Helix-QD suppressor line available in 5.56k, 7.62 and Magnum configurations at SHOT Show this year. The HX-QD 556k is short and durable with a sub-140 dB performance. It’s full-auto rated and passes the USSOCOM reliability stress test. The MSRP is $899.

Touted by the company as a “utility player,” the HX-QD 762 boasts a design influenced by U.S. Army CSASS requirements. It offers 136-139 dB performance, is full-auto rated up to 7.62 and is cross-platform compatible from 5.56 up to .300 WM. The suggested retail is $999.

Given the newness of these products and the fact that they were in development for two years, having the Minneapolis PD use them in one of the biggest sporting events in the world is a win for OSS.

“I want to thank Tom and Sentinel MN for their extensive work and professional approach” Chris Estadt, OSS VP of marketing and sales, said in the presser. “The Minneapolis SWAT officers were able to test the best suppressors on the market, and to individually experience the advantages of OSS’s patented Flow-Through technology and our new HELIX-QD 5.56 and 7.62 suppressors.

“We’re proud of the public servants who are dedicated to keeping our communities safe,” Estadt added, “and we’re excited that more and more law enforcement professionals are experiencing the unmatched advantages of OSS.”

HX-QD 556K

  • Weight: 15.5 oz
  • Length: 5.7 in
  • Diameter: 1.6 in

HX-QD 762

  • Weight: 19.6 oz
  • Length: 7.2 in
  • Diameter: 1.6 in


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