A man accused of breaking into a family’s home in Australia and chaining a fake bomb to a teenage woman’s neck as part of an extortion ploy had a court appearance scheduled Tuesday, a day after the FBI arrested him in a Louisville suburb.

Paul “Doug” Peters’ capture by an FBI SWAT team is the latest in a bizarre case that began nearly two weeks ago in the wealthy Sydney suburb of Mosman.

Peters, 50, faces charges in Australia that include kidnapping and breaking and entering, said Luke Moore of the New South Wales Police. The extradition process will take about two months, authorities said.

Bomb technicians, negotiators and detectives rushed to the scene. Neighboring homes were evacuated, streets were closed and medical and fire crews waited nearby. Pulver spent 10 terrifying hours chained to the device before the bomb squad was able to free her. She was not hurt, and the device was later found to contain no explosives. Australia’s prime minister said the event resembled “a Hollywood script.”

Source: Bruce Schreiner for the Associated Press.

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