County police Quick Response Team trains at Meade
Image: Fort Meade/Flickr

The community shouldn’t be alarmed if they see Meadowood Mall filled with SWAT team members tonight, it will all be part of training being conducted to make sure they’re ready when called upon for real-life dangerous situations.

Tonight beginning at 10:00 pm the Reno Police Department’s and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons And Tactics Teams along with the Regional Crisis Intervention Negotiation Team, REMSA Tactical Medics, and Meadowood Mall Security will be conducting a joint training at Meadowood Mall located at 5000 Meadowood Mall Circle Reno, Nevada.

Tonight’s training topics include active shooter, hostage rescue, and mass causalities and traumas. Although this training has been planned for several months, the recent events in Connecticut and Oregon are reminders for Law Enforcement to stay proactive in the preparation for these types of incidents, which is the goal of this training.

The Reno Police Department’s SWAT Team is hosting the training but it could not have been possible without the cooperation and generosity from Meadowood Mall General Manager Tony Vail and Meadowood Mall Security Director Rob Garlock.

Source: Fox Reno

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