Sword & Plough Luxury Handbags
Sword & Plough: Soldier Turning Military Surplus Items Into Luxury Bags

While attending Vermont’s Middlebury College, Núñez Cavness realized she was the only ROTC member on the campus.

“I would put my uniform on, and walk across campus, and receive a lot of confused or surprised looks,” Cavness told the Tennessee-based Leaf-Chronicle. “A lot of my classmates were curious about my service and why I wanted to serve … I definitely felt like a minority.”

But after attending a series of talks on social entrepreneurship at the college, inspiration struck, she banked on her good idea, and now she and her sister Betsy, 27, have launched a wildly successful start-up. The business, Sword & Plough, upcycles military surplus items into luxury handbags and backpacks — and hopes to bridge the military-civilian divide.

Now 24 and an “executive officer for a military intelligence company with 10th Special Forces Group, at Fort Carson, Colo.,” Núñez and her sister haven’t looked back.

“Having grown up in a military family, I knew that there was a lot of surplus that was wasted, or burned, or thrown away,” Núñez told the Leaf-Chronicle. “I knew immediately I could create something powerful with that. And I was on a college campus, where everyone has a bag, so I thought, ‘Why not turn these into fashionable bags?’ These would be appealing to people like my classmates.”

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