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Monroe police officer Kris Joswiak hand cuffs the bad guy played by Dan Danaher of Tactical Encounters as his fellow officers watch for others in the active shooter drills held at Temperance Road Elementary in Bedford. Watching this scenario play out is Brian Love of Tactical Encounters. (CREDIT: TOM HAWLEY / MONROE NEWS)

Not every law enforcement officer has experience with real-life, active shooter situations. That’s where the Michigan-based Tactical Encounters Inc. comes in.

The company offers evolving tactics for LEOs in active shooter scenarios.

Tactical Encounters recently joined with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Monroe Police Department in Michigan for a series of active shooter training classes at the local Temperance Road Elementary School, according to Monroe News.

At each class, officers are taught special terminology and strategies for how to handle an active shooter. Then the company runs scenario drills that force the officers to use the objectives they have been taught.

Tactical Encounters Inc. was created by Sgt. [Dan] Danaher, Ron Dehne and Ron Taig, who are all full- time or recently retired police officers; this special officer training is something they do in addition to their daily patrols.

They teach lessons all over Michigan, with a concentration in metropolitan Detroit. Their goal, Danaher said, is to create one common procedure for all law enforcement agencies to use.

“That way, if they are called to assist anywhere in the area, when they arrive at the scene, they may not know each other, but they know the same tactics,” Danaher told Monroe News.

For more on Tactical Encounters Inc., please visit TacticalEncounters.com.

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