A man who is suspected of having an affiliation with terrorists “arrived” on Guam a few days ago.

Carrying a pretend “weapon of mass destruction,” he didn’t get to board a departing flight yesterday. Before he could leave the bus on which he was traveling and enter the A.B. Won Pat International Airport, a group of special response personnel stopped him in his tracks. The response team safely escorted all passengers off the bus, leaving the “suspect” with the simulated destructive device on board.

Though the scenario described above wasn’t real, should it occur on Guam, the different public safety officials will be ready.

Airport Police, the Guam Police Department SWAT team, the Navy Special Response Team, and Air Force security forces participated in a simulated bus assault exercise yesterday that would better prepare them for addressing threats.

The live exercise was a conclusion of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Advanced Tactical Operations Course, which began Monday.

The course was hosted by Louisiana State University.

It is designed to give response personnel the knowledge, skills and abilities to command, plan, equip, train and exercise tactical teams for implementing safe and effective response to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive incidents, according to the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training Web site.

The center is a part of the Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education at Louisiana State University.

Kevin Marano, the lead instructor for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Advanced Tactic Operations course, said it is a Department of Homeland Security course and Louisiana State University is the certifying institution.

“Threats in the world are changing. They are facing new threats in the world of explosive and chemical weapons — biological and radiological,” Marano said. “They need to be able to operate tactically and protect themselves from threats.”

Marano said during the course, response personnel learned the unique equipment necessary for dealing with WMD threats, and about their own protective gear for such incidents.

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A man who is suspected of having an affiliation with terrorists "arrived" on Guam…