TAR Ideal Concepts Iridium Push-To-Talk Walkie-Talkies

The following is a release from TAR Ideal Concepts:

Recently, TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd. has signed a partnership with one of the certified Iridium Push-To-Talk (PTT) partners.

Designed for use anywhere around the world even where access to fixed or mobile telecoms infrastructure is limited or non-existent, Iridium Push-To-Talk uses the Iridium satellite network for worldwide connectivity and provides secure, one-to-many voice and data connectivity.

The Push-To-Talk walkie-talkies are out of the box ready to use and extremely simple to operate. One handset at a time can talk while others listen on a single, secure downlink broadcast channel. When one person stops talking, another can broadcast using the same shared channel. The units cannot be detected when they are in receive mode.

Among the many features available on the PTT, the most impressive is the Talk Group feature. A PTT device can have more than ten Talk Groups which can vary in size with a maximum of 15 devices and may be defined by square mile or kilometer.

Furthermore, each Talk Group may consist of up to 10 regions on earth. The user can name Talk Groups according to preference and the groups can also be prioritized by importance, making the use of many Talk Groups easy and effortless.

Communication safety is ensured by use of AES-256-bit encryption standard while speed remains unaffected and effectivity is untouched.

TAR Ideal Concepts has recently sold this incredible communications tool in South America and it has proven useful and effective.

The PTT device features include:

  1. Full MilSpec Standard, battle proven

  2. Adaptable: Enables changes to talkgroups and devices in just seconds

  3. Secure: Safeguards communications using 256-bit encryption standard

  4. An SOS button

  5. Interoperable: Allows communication between various organizations

  6. Long Lasting Battery

  7. Unlimited Minutes

  8. Talk Groups

    1. More than 10 groups

    2. Groups can be defined by square mile/kilometer

    3. May consist of up to 10 regions on earth

    4. Talk group name can be changed according to preference

    5. Prioritization of Talk Group List by Importance

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