Taser International Taser Pulse debut

Taser International Tuesday unveiled its new Taser Pulse for private citizens.

“The Taser Pulse conducted electrical weapon is the first of its kind: a discreet carry, sub-compact self-defense weapon and our first updated consumer model since 2007,” said Taser International CEO and founder Rick Smith. “… This high-tech, easy-to-use weapon is built for concealed carry but packs the same knock-down punch that has become the standard for law enforcement around the world.”

The Taser Pulse is the first device to incorporate Taser’s state-of-the-art technology into a sub-compact form factor. The Taser Pulse was designed with users in mind who wanted a small weapon with the most effective stopping power available. Many of the discreet carry improvements include: shaved safeties, sloped ‘iron sights,’ targeting laser and high visibility flashlight tucked into an intuitive sub-compact design.

“We removed many of the industrial features required for law enforcement use such as data logs, pulse logging and charge metering, live displays and the Taser CAM interface, while using our patented Shaped Pulse (TM) electrical waveform to create the smallest, easily concealable form factor at an affordable price point,” said Mike Gish, Vice President of Taser Weapon Strategy. “Despite an introductory price as low as $399, we haven’t sacrificed the effective knock-down power.”

The Taser Pulse package includes the Taser Pulse, two disposable Taser cartridges, a soft carry protective cover, a battery pack, and a conductive practice target. It is scheduled to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2016.

Features of the Taser Pulse:

Measuring only 5 ¼-inches long, 4 ½-inches tall, and 1 1/8-inches wide, the Taser Pulse was designed from the ground up as a discreet carry device.

  • Effective range up to 15 feet
  • Exclusive brightly-colored yellow accents surround the cartridge so it can be easily identified as a less-lethal weapon
  • Shaved safety levers make it comfortable to carry discreetly
  • Angled trigger guard makes it easy to holster especially when being carried discreetly
  • Color contrasting front sight, makes traditional target attainment easier
  • Sloped iron sights prevent it from being snagged by clothing upon quick draw from a discreet carry holster or when withdrawn from a purse, briefcase or backpack
  • Laser assisted target acquisition makes aiming a breeze
  • High intensity LED flashlight ensures you can identify the attacker in dimly lit areas or at night
  • The same knock-down power as used by more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies in 107 countries
  • 30-second duration of high voltage output allowing the user to make a safe escape
  • A dozen brand name holster manufacturers will be releasing concealed holstering options

Taser “Safe Escape” Product Replacement Program

  • In a self-defense situation, fire the Taser Pulse from up to 15 feet away, set it on the ground, and run. The weapon will continue to immobilize your attacker for 30 seconds, buying you precious time for a Safe Escape. And don’t worry, Taser will replace the device you left behind for free. For full details on the program visit https://www.taser.com/.

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