Taurus delivered T4 rifles to two Georgia LE departments.

Taurus recently announced the delivery of 37 T4 defense rifles to the City of Bainbridge Public Safety Department and Decatur County Sheriff’s Department. The delivery supports law enforcement agencies in Georgia, where Taurus recently located its business.

Georgia LE Departments Receive Taurus T4 Rifles

Taurus CEO David Blenker transferred rifles to City of Bainbridge Public Safety Department Director Jerry Carter and Captain David Cutchin. Meanwhile, Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Captain Brad Lambert, Deputy Victor Strickland and John Presilla accepted rifles for their department. The special-purpose law enforcement rifles will serve in tactical and emergency response operations by the departments.

“As new members of the Bainbridge community, and with Taurus being a key manufacturer in the personal and professional defense segments, supplying the City of Bainbridge Public Safety Department and the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office with specialized tools needed to protect the community and its citizens seemed obvious,” Blenker said. “Law enforcement professionals here and around the country put their lives on the line every day, and it is an honor for us to provide our local defenders with this contribution.”

Taurus held its official grand opening at its new Georgia facility earlier this month. The multi-million dollar facility created more than 300 new jobs to Decatur County, reported wtxl.com.

“We cannot rest on our laurels,” said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, reported wtxl.com. “We got to continue to work and my administration is certainly committed to continuing to build on Georgia economical success.”

For more information, visit taurusa.com.

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