sevigny.gifFour titles were won by TEAM GLOCK at the USPSA Back to Back Nationals from September 6-13, 2008 at the United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Back to Back championships in Limited/Production/Revolver and Open/Limited-10 featured a total of 38 total courses of fire with a minimum round count of 742. The courses of fire were designed to reward shooters for both speed and accuracy. In USPSA practical shooting, competitors must safely navigate through various positions and often shoot while moving to gain the best score on each stage.

TEAM GLOCK Shooting Squad captain Dave Sevigny and Randi Rogers entered Production and Limited-10 while Jessie Abbate entered the Limited and Limited-10 divisions.

2008 USPSA Back to Back National results are as follows:

Dave Sevigny
Limited-10 National Champion, High Overall, 100%
2nd Overall Production Division, 99.76%
Jessie Abbate
Ladies Limited National Champion, 62nd Overall, 75.05%
Ladies Limited-10 National Champion, 45th Overall, 72.35%
Randi Rogers
Ladies Production National Champion, 52nd Overall, 69.64%
2nd Limited-10 Lady, 63rd Overall, 67.78%

The performance by TEAM GLOCK was the best overall by any factory team at the 2008 USPSA National championship.

Dave Sevigny and Randi Rogers first competed in the Production championship using GLOCK 34 pistols. Production division is restricted to double-action and Safe-Action pistols and only ten rounds may be loaded in the magazine. There were 128 total competitors entered in Production including 38 ranked as Grandmaster and Master class. Dave Sevigny won six stages with fourteen Top 5 stage finishes but was edged by merely four points (or about 1⁄2 second) to finish in 2nd place. Bob Vogel won and captured his first USPSA National title with a GLOCK 34. Sevigny is the most accomplished Production division competitor in USPSA history with five national titles and is the only competitor to finish in the top three of every Production Nationals since 2001. “It was a tight race all three days. I’ve won national titles by small margins before so this time it was my turn to be at the wrong end of the results. Bob is a great shot, competitor and friend and his win was well deserved,” said Sevigny.

teamglock.gifFor the Ladies, Randi Rogers won her first Ladies Production National title by 176 points over 2nd place Dianna Liedorff, who was also shooting a GLOCK. Randi scored eleven stage wins on her way to the Ladies title. “My favorite stage was 16. There were five targets including some partials at 25 yards so we had to be very careful. I hot 44 out of 50 points in 12.32 seconds which helped my position in the match,” said Rogers following the competition. In the Limited championship, where competitors are permitted to use single-action, iron-sight pistols along with double and Safe-Action pistols holding as many as twenty rounds in a magazine, Jessie Abbate using an S&J Custom GLOCK 24 won the Ladies Limited National title by 144 points over 2nd place Nancy Huspek. Jessie’s dominating performance included eight stage wins to earn her 2nd all-time USPSA Ladies National title. Jessie said, “Competition for the Ladies Limited match was very strong with Lisa Munson (2007 Ladies Limited National Champion), Kay Miculek, and also Nancy Huspek. This match was very challenging as it presented a good bit of partial targets, a lot of moving targets and also a standards stage, but still had up close fast stages. I thought it was a perfect balance for what a match at this level should be.”

After taking a day to prepare for the next event, TEAM GLOCK competed in the Limited-10 championship designed for iron-sight pistols in single, double, or Safe-Action design with a maximum of ten rounds in the magazine. Since the Limited-10 championship was the only iron-sight option for competitors, it would prove to be the most hotly contested match of the season with several world and nationally ranked competitors vying for the title. Three different pistol models were used by TEAM GLOCK: Sevigny/GLOCK 35; Abbate/GLOCK 24; Rogers/GLOCK 34.

A total of 154 competitors including 33 ranked as Grandmaster and Master class were competing for the Limited-10 title. After leading the field all three days of shooting, Dave Sevigny took his second all-time Limited-10 National championship with a decisive 34-point margin of victory over second place Grandmaster Ted Puente. Sevigny was remarkably consistent, winning two stages overall with thirteen Top 5 finishes through nineteen courses of fire. The win is significant because Sevigny was shooting a lightly modified GLOCK 35 and a Production legal holster in a division where most top competitors are using high dollar iron-sight race pistols and speed holsters. Sevigny began on the “standards” stage with shooting positions at 15, 25 and 40 yards. The TEAM GLOCK captain was one of only two competitors to break the 100-point mark on the standards. USSA’s Mike Seeklander took the stage with a 101. Sevigny followed up with a win on Stage 1 to set the pace on the first day. During the competition Sevigny never surrendered the lead and would secure his 8th all-time USPSA National championship. “It’s always a great feeling to win a national championship but this one feels special. We shot one of the most accuracy intensive, complex courses of fire I’ve seen and there were so many contenders. You won’t see a tougher battle anywhere else in the world with this format. It’s an honor to win here,” said Sevigny.

For the Ladies, Jessie Abbate completed her sweep by winning eleven stages on her way to the Ladies Limited-10 National title. Jessie said, “The L-10 match was more of a challenge in my opinion since it was paired with the Open match as well. To make the match interesting for the Open shooters, it adds even more of a difficulty level for the L-10 shooters. They added more partial no-shoot targets, and moved them further back, kept all the movers and we had less rounds per magazine than in the Limited/Production match. But even though it was a tough match, it makes it that much more rewarding to finish on top.” Her most recent title now gives Jessie Abbate three USPSA Ladies National titles all-time in Production (’07), Limited (’08) and Limited-10 (’08).

In a strong effort Randi Rogers won four stages and shot her way to second place, 77 points behind teammate Jessie Abbate. Rogers praised her equipment as an important factor during the week. “While shooting the Nationals this year I was pleased because my my GLOCK 34 worked perfectly through the whole match. I shot more than 800 rounds in the rain and mud and there were no malfunctions. I was able to think about shooting and not worry about my equipment,” exclaimed Rogers.

Other notable finishes at the Limited-10 Nationals was Bob Vogel at 7th place shooting a GLOCK 24. Vogel would score 93.78%, 105 points behind Sevigny. Special Agent Todd Kennedy, assigned to the ATF National Academy as the Firearms Training Manager, finished as Top “A” class, 22nd Overall at 82.23% using a GLOCK 35.

Employees at GLOCK, Inc. in Smyrna, GA were ecstatic with the performance from their shooting team. “These astounding wins demonstrate the ability and determination of our shooters, but it also depicts the accuracy and reliability of the GLOCK Family of Pistols. We congratulate them on their accolades at Nationals as well as their tremendous success thus far in 2008,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Gary Fletcher.

TEAM GLOCK will next appear at the “Shoot With TEAM GLOCK” promotion and demo September 26-27, 2008 at the GLOCK Annual Shoot XV in Conyers, Georgia. Visit for details about the GLOCK Annual Shoot XV and other GSSF competitions.

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