KC Eusebio Team GLOCK
KC Eusebio of Team GLOCK

The following release is from Team Glock:

Team GLOCK Captain KC Eusebio and Tori Nonaka competed in the last remaining area championships. They continue to ramp up for the USPSA Nationals that will be held Sept. 24-28, 2014, in St George, Utah.

The Area 4 Championship was held at the Old Fort Gun Club in Fort Smith, Ark. In the 13-stage match, Nonaka shot a penalty free match to secure her High Lady title for the match.

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“I really enjoyed competing at Area 4. The match was well designed with no shoot targets and difficult shooting positions,” Nonaka said. “I like the challenge of determining when to speed up or slow down depending on the difficulty level of the target.”

The following week Team GLOCK advanced on to Dartmouth, Mass., for the USPSA Area 7 match. The nine stage, 204-plus round count match found Nonaka once again standing on the podium collecting yet another High Lady award, while team captain Eusebio swooped in with an incredible performance to capture the OPEN title for the Northeastern Classic.

“I was incredibly focused at this match,” Eusebio said. “Everything came together as I attacked each of the stages. I was keenly aware of whom I was competing with and I worked a combination strategy of speed and accuracy to pull this win off.”

The team will return to Georgia to train and prepare for the USPSA Nationals. Shooting tips from the team can be viewed on the GLOCK website at us.glock.com/confidence/university.

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