The 2008 Winchester World Challenge and 16 Annual American Handgunner World Shoot-Off pistol competition was hosted at the San Juan Range on June 23 – 29 in Montrose, Colorado.  The Winchester World Challenge is a time-fire event composed of knock-down steel targets which vary in both size and distance from the start position.  Competitors must draw the pistol 60 times and fire a minimum of 396 rounds to complete the course.  The best three out of four runs are counted for score throughout the fifteen stage event.

The Shoot-Off event requires competitors to engage mirrored arrays of targets simultaneously against an opponent.  The first competitor to knock over each piece of steel on their side of the range wins the bout.  Whichever competitor wins the first two or three bouts will advance to the next round.  Competitors of similar shooting ability (classification) are pitted against one another in the three day shoot-off which is followed by a final shoot-off on Sunday.  Some competitors may shoot as many as 2500 rounds during the week, making this one of the highest round count events in the world.  It is an exciting match for both the competitors and spectators since the steel makes a ringing sound and will disappear from view with each solid hit.

GLOCK pistols were used by dozens of competitors and the Team GLOCK Shooting Squad took home several titles during the week.  At the Winchester World Challenge, Dave Sevigny posted a blistering time of 168.32 using a GLOCK 17 in 9×19 customized by S&J Customs in Georgia.  Sevigny’s best stage took place on “Don’t Stop,” a rack of six octagonal plates on a rack and a small piece of steel next to the base of the plate rack.  The steel was positioned approximately 36 feet from the start position.  The Team GLOCK Shooting Squad captain knocked down 21 pieces of steel in a total time of 8.57 seconds which included three draws from the holster.  The 2008 championship marks the second time Sevigny has won the Winchester World Challenge.  Randi Rogers, a Colorado native, shot consistently to finish 4th overall in the Stock division and took top honors in the Stock Lady and IDPA category with a time of 239.74 with her GLOCK 34 in 9mm.

Following the Winchester World Challenge, Dave Sevigny won the three day Shoot-Off event, taking first place in the Open Grand Master class.  On Sunday, the last day of competition, Ray Whitam of Las Vegas, NV won the Open finale and overall shoot-off title.  “Congratulations to Ray for winning the finale and overall shoot-off title.  It’s hard for anyone to survive five rounds in a shoot-off.  Ray is a great shooter and went all the way on Sunday.  Congrats also to Dave Blough who eliminated me in the third round and took Ray to bout seven in the finale.  The week in Montrose presented so many different challenges to the competitors.  From racing against the clock in the Winchester World Challenge to racing head-to-head at the Shoot-Off, it’s an incredible test mentally and I like that,” said Sevigny.

Randi Rogers, who is an IDPA Master, shot well in a talented field of competitors in the three day Shoot-Off which included Grand Masters Daniel Horner (winner of the Stock Grand Master Shoot-Off and Stock Finale) and the 2006 Stock Finale Winner, Mark Hanish.  Randi went on to win the Stock Lady and IDPA finale on Sunday.  “This was fun.  It was a good week here in Montrose.  I’m now looking forward to the Steel Challenge,” said Rogers.  Paul Miller, Match Director added, “We would like to thank GLOCK for their longtime support of the Shoot-Off championships.  They have sponsored us for a long time.”

Josh Dorsey, Vice President of Federal Sales and Operations at GLOCK, Inc. was pleased with another fine performance from Team GLOCK.  “The Winchester World Challenge is considered to be one of the toughest events in the world of pistol competition.  Dave and Randi both brought back more titles for Team GLOCK to add to their growing number of accolades in the shooting sports arena,” said Dorsey.

Dave Sevigny will next compete at the USSA Pro-Am Steel Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 27th.  The entire Team GLOCK Shooting Squad (Dave, Jessie Abbate and Randi) will all compete in the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship in Piru, California on August 14 – 17.

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