Dave Sevigny and Randi Rogers of Team GLOCK won the Production division and Ladies Production title at the USPSA Area 6 Championship sponsored by GLOCK held April 16-18, 2010 in Covington, Georgia. GLOCK has been a long time supporter of the shooting sports which includes running the 19 year-old GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation program (GSSF). South River Gun Club was the Area 6 tournament host for the past six seasons and is what Dave Sevigny considers “The best Area championship on the USPSA circuit.” Nearly 400 USPSA members including top nationally ranked Master and Grand Master competitors attended including an international contingent from Team Jamaica.

Team GLOCK Captain Dave Sevigny, who is a top ranked Grand Master and multiple USPSA National Champion, repeated as Production division champion and Area 6 champion using a GLOCK 34 in 9×19. Recognized as the most winning competitor in USPSA Production, Sevigny won five of the eleven courses of fire and placed in the top three eight times to score 1148 match points. “This match, like so many others is a marathon not a sprint. It is very important to finish towards the top of the results throughout the day,” said Sevigny. The tournament was originally slated for twelve courses of fire but later removed stage 4 from the results due to inconsistencies within the course. “I had very strong performances on most of the stages including (stage) #4 on Friday but heard it was tossed late on Sunday.

It helped some guys out I’m sure and affected the differential but not my standings. It is not common to see a stage removed but is another reason to shoot solid at each stage in these contests,” Sevigny advised. Master class Production lady Randi Rogers also competed with a GLOCK 34 in 9×19. Rogers finished in 6th place Master class with 857 match points on her way to the Ladies Production championship and Area 6 Ladies Production championship. Rogers, who is a multiple Ladies National champions adds, “One of my favorites stages was stage 10 “Paul Bunion’s Axe.” It was a 70 point 14 round Comstock stage with all paper targets.

There were three potential shooting positions. It was a challenging stage because you could see multiple targets from multiple shooting positions. I shot it in 12.02 seconds with 12 a zone hits for a total of 66 out of 70 points.

It was a pleasure to compete in the 2010 Area 6 as a new member of the The stages were excellent tests of each competitor’s ability. I was very pleased with my performance and look forward to continuing to improve my placement in the master class in future competitions.”

“GLOCK is honored to support all shooting sports and we appreciate the support of all the competitors who use our product. Congrats to Dave and Randi on another fine performance with their GLOCK 34,” said Josh Dorsey, Vice President at GLOCK, Inc. Next up for Team GLOCK…Dave Sevigny will attend a GLOCK Day promotion at Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware, OH April 24- 25. Randi Rogers will compete at the IDPA Arizona State Championship in Tucson on April 30 – May 2.

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Dave Sevigny and Randi Rogers of Team GLOCK won the Production division and Ladies…