Smyrna, Georgia — Dave Sevigny of the Team GLOCK Shooting Squad won the Laser Light Invitational at the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center in Springfield, Massachusetts on Sunday, February 24, 2008. Competitors used IDPA and USPSA Production approved handguns with weapon mounted lights and laser sights in a special five stage low light pistol match.

Only nine top level shooters were invited to attend the match and each had won at least one national or world level competition in 2007. Dave Sevigny dominated the event by winning four of the five total stages and outpaced the second place competitor by more than 13 seconds.

Sevigny used an IDPA Stock Service legal GLOCK 34, 9mm pistol with an attached GTL 21 (GLOCK Tactical Light and laser unit) and factory Atlanta Arms & Ammo to win the prestigious competition. The match was billed “Winner takes all” and Sevigny took home a check for $5000.

“This was exciting,” said Sevigny. “It’s not every day that nearly all of the current champions compete in the same division and in low light conditions using weapon mounted lights and lasers with the chance to win five grand.” When asked about his decisive win Sevigny said, “Today was my turn and I shot hard, but every one of these guys is a champion. It is a long season. I’m certain I will be congratulating them somewhere else.”

Final Results with competitor name, manufacturer and total time:

1. Dave Sevigny – GLOCK – 73.75
2. Todd Jarrett – Para Ordnance – 87.17
3. Rob Leatham – Springfield – 87.78
4. Jerry Miculek – Smith & Wesson -92.62
5. Bob Vogel – GLOCK – 94.27
6. Doug Koenig – Smith & Wesson – 95.79
7. Max Michel – CZ – 96.46
8. KC Eusebio – CZ – 110.79
9. Phil Strader – Smith & Wesson – 113.24

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Smyrna, Georgia -- Dave Sevigny of the Team GLOCK Shooting Squad won the Laser…