Teenagers from all over Kentucky and Alabama spent the week learning how to be a police officer.

It’s tough to come by extra money for summer camp, but the Annual Kentucky Law Enforcement Explorer Academy is offered completely free for teens. The camp provided real life training to help teens as young as 14 decide if law enforcement is for them.

From marching in step, to a traffic stop turned drug arrest, 36 teens are learning on the job experience during a week at camp. It’s not your ordinary summer camp.

“We get to fight the red man, we also do verbal confrontation, we’ve done some building searches, traffic stops,” said Angelyn Cecil, 17-year-old explorer.

Some of the best experience comes from the firearms simulator which is also used by local law enforcement.

“I pulled you over today because you don’t have a license plate on your car,” said Cecil, who was training on the simulator during Tuesday’s camp session.

Louisville Metro Police Officer and Assistant Academy Director Kenny Betts said the simulator provides life or death decision making for the teens.

“We try to put in what a week of what the real police academy is like for them in a very small section,” Betts said.

Networking is also part of training networking. The teens build relationships with one another, so that when they hit the streets in different departments or even different states they can still work together when the time comes.

“We’re just trying to train for a better community and have people ready to take our places,” Betts said.

Some of the teens will move on to other passions, but for the select few who decide to serve they will have a step ahead when it is time to go to the real academy.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer. It’s not like a desk job, you don’t go to work sit at a desk and do the same thing everyday. It’s always something different something new there’s always something to learn,” Angelyn said.

Source: Jennifer Baileys for Fox41.

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