Montclair, California— Ten-X Ammunition has become the exclusive ammunition supplier for Cowboys on the Outdoor Channel. One of television’s highest rated and most watched shooting shows, Cowboys can be seen on Wednesday Nights at 7:30 pm eastern only on the Outdoor Channel and is already in production on its sixth season.

“We are really excited about having Ten-X Ammunition join our show,” said Michael Bane, Producer of Cowboys. “Ten-X is well known for the highest quality cowboy loads and also for their specialty cartridges. This brings us another dimension that hadn’t been available before. Now we can cover stories about vintage firearms in previously obsolete calibers and have the correct ammunition to demonstrate how they functioned and what gave them their unique place in old western firearms heritage.”

“This is a unique opportunity for us,” explained Richard Pumerantz, owner of Ten-X Ammunition. “We have brought back to life so many of the previously obsolete cartridges, and this relationship with Cowboys on Outdoor Channel means we can share our passion for shooting correctly built cartridges out of original and reproduction firearms of the 19th century. Viewers will now watch demonstrations of shooters engaging targets with the same factory ammo chosen by world champions to win championships. It’s the same ammo available to all Cowboy action shooters.”

Richard “Tequila” Young, host of Cowboys and five-time cowboy action shooting champion, understands the importance of quality cowboy ammunition. “Having Ten-X ammo available for our shows means we can portray cowboy action shooting even better. Their loads are used by world champions and will make our demonstrations even more impressive and realistic. This is a great matchup of the best shooting show and the only factory ammo to win world championships.”

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