On July 11, 2011 THPD K9 Officer Brent Long was killed in action while assisting the U.S. Marshal’s on a warrant service. Brent’s K9 partner “Shadow” was seriously wounded during the incident but survived. Brent was a seven year veteran of the Terre Haute Police Department. He was a K9 handler and SWAT Sniper. Brent is survived by his wife and two children, ages 1 and 11.

The Terre Haute Police Department will be hosting a Tactical K9 course in Brent’s honor and for his memorial. This is an advanced K9 Course with the focus on tactics utilizing the latest Army SOF Military Working Dog Tactics, Training and Procedures (TTP’s). This course will introduce to the K9 handlers and their security personnel, to the unique situational training developed and designed to enhance the traditional K9 handlers and SWAT team personnel to the latest integration techniques of a K9 during tactical operations; raids, vehicle (car, bus, train) interdictions and searches for high risk suspects and terrorists.

It is critical that each handler have a SWAT teammate to perform the role of security and control. This will maximize the latest TTP’s and get the most from each training evolution. The goal of this course is to introduce these latest Army SOF Military Working Dog TTP’s to SWAT and K9 elements so that they have the ability to adopt and integrate these techniques for their tactical operational requirements.

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On July 11, 2011 THPD K9 Officer Brent Long was killed in action while…