WASHINGTON – A terrorist detonated a suicide vest in Mosul as coalition forces were trying to capture a wanted man.

Coaliton forces entered a building looking for the man and were shot at by enemy fighters. One man in the building detonated the vest he was wearing.

No coalition force injuries were reported. Five suspected terrorists, along with three women and three children, were killed. Forces searched the building and found a weapons cache holding various small arms weapons and explosives.

In other operations today, forces near Baghdad captured two wanted men and detained two others believed to have ties to an al-Qaida in Iraq bomb network. Forces in Hawijah, southwest of Kirkuk, caught one terrorist suspect believed to be part of a bombing network in Diyala province.

In operations yesterday in Sulayman Bak, southeast of Kirkuk, coalition forces caught seven suspected terrorists. One man was wanted for connections to terrorists operating in the area.

Another wanted man was caught Oct. 4 in Sabah, west of Kirkuk. He is believed to be a member of a terrorist group associated with al-Qaida in Iraq.

U.S. soldiers also seized 20 weapons caches in operations west of Baghdad . Soldiers recovered more than 1,700 mortar rounds, 503 mortar fuses, three rocket launchers, six rockets, various ammunition, homemade explosive materials and bombs and nine SA-7 heat-seeking, shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles.
Iraqi army soldiers found a house rigged with explosives. The soldiers seized the explosives and removed them from the area.

In other operations in Iraq Oct. 3:

Coalition forces killed a leader of one of al-Qaeda in Iraq’s Baghdad networks thought to have masterminded some of the city’s recent bombings. Mahir Ahmad Mahmud Judu’ al-Zubaydi, also known as Abu Rami, is believed to be the AQI emir of the Rusafa neighborhood of Baghdad.

Rami allegedly masterminded several car bombings including one last year that killed more than 200 people. In addition to car bombings, Abu Rami was believed to be a planner and participant in several kidnappings and videotaped executions.

U.S. soldiers nabbed a suspected special groups leader thought to be responsible for sectarian violence in the Risalah community.

In Quayyarah, south of Mosul, coalition forces caught two terrorism suspects.

U.S. soldiers recovered a weapons cache in the Kadamiyah district of Baghdad. The cache included a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, two RPG rounds, two RPG boosters, two AK-47s, a machine gun, and ammunition.

Iraqi national police also recovered a cache in Kadamiyah. The weapons included an Iranian- manufactured 85 mm PG-7 anti-tank heat rocket, rocket propellant, an RPG launcher and a hand grenade.

U.S. soldiers seized a cache in the Adhamiyah district of Baghdad. The munitions included several 60 mm high explosive mortar rounds, various sizes of rockets, an RPG, a machine gun, a sniper Rifle, an AK-47 and 300 rounds of ammunition.

Iraqi national police found five bags of homemade explosives, a fuse and other bomb making materials in the East Rashid district of Baghdad.

In the Furat community, Iraqi national policemen seized about 70 pounds of dynamite and four detonation fuses.

Iraqi army soldiers found four 60 mm mortar rounds, six mortar fuses, a 155 mm artillery round, and six hand grenades in the Saydiyah community.

In operations in Iraqi Oct. 2, Iraqi security forces caught six suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq in northern Iraq. One team captured two suspects in Muqdadiyah. In east Mosul, Iraqi Forces captured an alleged AQI cell leader. Also, Iraqi forces caught three suspected terrorists in Dojima.

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WASHINGTON - A terrorist detonated a suicide vest in Mosul as coalition forces were…