Texas Body Camera Bill Senator Royce West
Senator Royce West at the podium (CREDIT: royce-west.org)
(Photo by royce-west.org)

The Texas Senate approved a bill Thursday that will help supply law enforcement agencies across the state with body cameras.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

Although Senate Bill 158 faced opposition from some police groups and local officials, its author, Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, told senators that the goal is much like legislation he authored on police dashboard cameras several years ago: Use technology to better protect both law enforcement and the public.

… Local agencies would be able to establish their own policies for when and how the cameras would be used, but the state would attempt to standardize those policies to balance privacy and public access concerns.

“This is cutting-edge stuff we’re doing here,” Texas Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, told the Houston Chronicle after a 22-8 vote. “… It’s not a silver bullet to solve all the problems, but it’s a good start.”

For more on the passage of Texas Senate Bill 158, please visit Chron.com.

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