The Crime Stoppers website has been an effective way for Amarillo police to fight crime.

Law enforcement agencies in Amarillo, Texas are using internet technology in their fight against crime. Since 2009, the Amarillo Crime Stoppers website has been an effective means by which the general public can provide tips to police.

“We not only represent the PD but we have 24 volunteers that I answer to, I’ve got 24 other bosses. So people just like you, they worry about their community, they care about their community, and this is way they get involved . . . so you know it is very community based organization,” said Cpl. Sean Slover, coordinator for the Amarillo Crime Stoppers program.

The website is a portal for all law enforcement agencies in Potter and Randall County. Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas says his county is sticking with the program for the foreseeable future.

“Crime Stoppers has been around for years and the population of Potter and Randall County .. . they know that and they know they can go and check it. And so you don’t want to confuse it by adding another website. It is easier to stick with something we has been tested and is true … And it is good for us,” he said.

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