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Utility's BodyWorn LEO Camera Is Voice-Activated

Bill 158, also known as the “body worn camera” bill, is currently up for debate in the Texas Senate.

If approved, the bill, proposed by Sen. Royce West, could see all law enforcements agencies supplied with body cameras, according to KXAN in Texas.

But what this Senate bill would do is create a statewide policy for body cameras, plus funding.

The cost of the cameras has been an ongoing concern. For example, the Austin Public Safety Commission projects it could cost upwards of $9 million to equip all of its officers. When it comes to regulation, Senate Bill 158 states an officer who is wearing a body camera must use it when responding to calls that include traffic stops, pursuits and arrests. However, an officer can turn it off when interviewing a witness for privacy concerns, an example would be a sexual assault case.

For more information on the current debate, please visit KXAN.com.


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