The Exposing Fake Self-Defense Instructors blog was created to educate the public, law enforcement and military about the problem of instructor resume/credential fraud. The blog centers around prominent trainers that deliver varying degrees of training to people, law enforcement agencies and the US Military. Some of this training is given by non-US residents that do not have work visas or proper identification.

“We had extensive evidence, information and opportunity so we decided to act accordingly to set the record straight,” says Hamic. “I have extensive experience as a personal and corporate intelligence specialist, private investigator and nationally syndicated blogger.” Robb teamed up with self-defense industry leaders, victims of fraudulent instructors and sources of information to expose the thefts and lies. Fraud has reached several millions of dollars and some of these fakes have actually been televised on nationally syndicated TV shows, trained very large police agencies and military units.

The face of reality-based martial arts has changed nearly overnight by the efforts of several people who are fighting for the good of the Israeli Martial Arts. Robb Hamic met Israeli Defense Forces Sgt. Major Nir Maman who has been championing the cause of exposing fake and fraudulent Israeli self-defense instructors for several years. Nir introduced Robb to David Kahn, Chief US Representative of the Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA) who had also been working on shining the light of truth on the industry. David introduced Robb to people in Israel who wanted to help set the record straight and were tired of Krav Maga being misrepresented, including former IDF Krav Maga Chief Instructor Boaz Aviram and Grand Master Haim Gidon of the IKMA. “I noticed that many people were trying to expose the truth in a number of different ways but there was no coordinated effort, that is where I came in,” says Robb Hamic. Hamic is a self defense instructor, law enforcement trainer and intelligence expert.

The MISSION STATEMENT of this website is to provide readers with information about self-defense instructors who have defrauded us and the entire industry for a long time. Some of these people are really bad guys while others are opportunists. Many people have been defrauded in this industry and fallen prey to these people and others, myself included. I was personally defrauded and I decided to do something about it. This is my work. The blog receives over 13,000 visits daily.

Federal law enforcement, state law enforcement, Homeland Security, US Customs, IRS, state tax authorities and local law enforcement have been notified of these crimes and actions are being taken. Civil litigation is also commencing against many of the large offenders. Arrest of some of the bad actors seems imminent.

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The Exposing Fake Self-Defense Instructors blog was created to educate the public, law enforcement…