SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 3, 2008 – TASER International, Inc., a market leader in advanced electronic control devices, today announced that The Sports Authority will carry TASER® C2 Personal Protector device in selected stores nationwide. The TASER C2 will be available initially in 138 of the 433 Sports Authority stores this month. The first TASER® C2 Personal Protectors will debut at the grand opening of the new concept store for The Sports Authority in Lenexa, KS beginning on Friday, April 4 through Sunday, April 6, 2008.

“TASER International is proud to partner with The Sports Authority on the retailing of our TASER C2 Personal Protector,” said Tom Smith, Chairman and founder of TASER International. “As our largest consumer retailer to date, The Sports Authority will provide greater availability of our TASER technology for consumers who are looking to protect their families or themselves.”

“The TASER C2 was designed from the ground up with the consumer in mind,” said Smith. “We have sold more than 160,000 TASER systems to consumers since 1994, and with the TASER C2, we have made tremendous technological advances to reduce the size, modernize the look and responsibly provide our cutting edge TASER technology for consumer personal safety at an affordable price.”

“We will have TASER International representatives and our 40-foot TASER Mobile Showroom on hand as part of the grand opening events in Lenexa to support our new relationship with The Sports Authority,” concluded Smith.

The TASER C2 Personal Protector is an affordable, futuristic palm-sized self-protection device. The units incorporate a revolutionary new public safety background check technology called CheckLok™ that adds to the accountability of the end user. With CheckLok, TASER C2 units are shipped in an inactive state. The devices cannot be used until end users successfully complete a background check from the privacy of their own homes or offices using a secure web site or a toll-free number. After passing the background check, the user is issued a unique activation code and the device is registered with the company to that individual.

In addition to the TASER C2 device, the package includes a disposable TASER cartridge, owner’s manual, and training DVD video. To learn more about the TASER C2 Personal Protector, visit
Click here to view The Sports Authority’s initial 138 selected stores.

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 3, 2008 – TASER International, Inc., a market leader in advanced…