Three policemen and a former officer face the death penalty if convicted of killing two unarmed civilians in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

James Brissette and Ronald Madison were shot dead on a bridge following the disaster in New Orleans, which caused massive flooding and displaced thousands of people in 2005.

The men – Robert Gisevius, Kenneth Bowen, Anthony Villavaso and Robert Faulcon – have twice been cleared over the shootings.

They have all denied the charges again at a federal hearing.

It is alleged the officers went to Danziger Bridge after hearing that another policeman had come under attack nearby.

According to the indictment, they then opened fire on an unarmed family walking to a supermarket, killing 17-year-old Mr Brissette and injuring four others.

Sherrell Johnson, Mr Brissette’s mother, has said: “It ripped my heart out. You kill my son, you deserve to die too.”

Moments after the incident, it is claimed the same officers shot at two brothers on the other side of the bridge.

Second victim Mr Madison, who had “severe mental disabilities”, was allegedly shot in the back as he fled – and was then kicked and stamped on.

His brother Lance was arrested and charged with eight counts of attempting to kill police officers.

However, in a statement the US Department of Justice said no guns or bullets were found on the day of the shootings and he was released after three weeks.

Source: Sky News

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