Moyock, NC — In an unbelievable display of speed shooting and reliability, Todd Jarrett set a world record shooting 1,000 rounds of .45ACP through a Para USA PXT™ 1911 SSP model pistol.

The record was set during a torture test conducted on the secure ranges at Blackwater USA’s Moyock, North Carolina, facility. Jarrett, who holds several world and national pistol titles, used the stock, out-of-the-box Para USA pistol to shoot 1,000 rounds in just 10 minutes and 44 seconds — a rate equivalent to one shot every 0.644 seconds. The entire torture test was documented by DownRange TV and video of the shoot is available for viewing online.

Despite being supported by a team of loaders and a pile of 10-round Chip McCormick and 8-round Para PXT 1911 magazines for the single-stack 1911, Jarrett outpaced the loaders and found himself waiting for loaded mags.

“Once I got into a shooting rhythm I quickly shot through the pre-loaded magazines and the loaders had problems keeping up.  Add to that the natural difficulty of reloading a single-stack 1911, the reloads I bobbled and the mix of 10-round and 8-round agazines and I could have easily broken 10 minutes,” said Todd Jarrett.

However it was heat that was the biggest obstacle and the true test of both shooter and gun. Shooting 93 rounds a minute, Jarrett estimates the pistol’s match-grade ramped barrel reached temperatures in excess of 550 degrees. “Even though the outside temperature was under 50 degrees, the gun’s temperature quickly rose to a point where it became hard to hold. I ended up with first-degree burns on the pad of my trigger finger which forced me to shoot even faster towards the end of the test,” explained Jarrett.

“If the gun had gotten 50 degrees hotter I wouldn’t have been able to make it through the full 1,000 rounds. This is a fabulous test but one that has to be conducted during the winter months.” The reliability story of the PXT doesn’t end there either. Jarrett and other shooters put a combined 5,000 rounds through the pistol in a 24-hour period without any failures. Jarrett  focus on constant improvement and the development of the Power Extractor™.

“We put 1,000 rounds through the pistol on Friday and cleaned the gun in preparation for the torture test. Then after completing the 1,000 round high-speed torture test we shot an additional 3,000 rounds. This is where having the more durable design of the Power Extractor really shines,” said Jarrett. The Para Power Extractor was specifically designed by Para’s engineers to address the one weakness in the original 1911 design. The PXT technology of the massive Power Extractor delivers improved feeding and positive extraction round after round – even through 5,000 in a day. “A test like this will expose any weakness in a gun’s design and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Power Extractor was a key part of the pistol’s reliability. Should someone break my time, I’ll be ready with another PXT to reclaim the record,” declared Jarrett.

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Moyock, NC — In an unbelievable display of speed shooting and reliability, Todd Jarrett…