Norfolk, VA– Four top members of the Bounty Hunter Bloods Gang were indicted by a federal grand jury for committing violent acts in aid of racketeering, and various firearm and drug charges. According to the indictment, the Bounty Hunter Bloods, or BHB, is a street gang that operates principally in the Ocean View area of Norfolk. This gang promotes a climate of fear in the community through intimidation, violence and threats of violence to preserve and expand their territory and their prestige. These acts of violence include maiming, assaults, home invasions, robberies, shootings and the like. Victims of their violence range from innocent citizens to rival gang members. One victim of a home invasion was tortured for three hours by scalding him with boiling water, cutting him with a screwdriver and burning him with a hot iron.

Most of the BHB members carry firearms for protection, to perform acts of violence, and to protect their territories. The structure of this street gang consists of an OG (Original Gangster), top Generals and foot soldiers. This group is very hierarchal and the foot soldiers must obey the top Generals who command them to perform acts of violence, including murder, otherwise the foot soldier will be subject to discipline which includes beatings and even death. The BHB recruits heavily in the community to obtain new members, including juveniles. To become a member of the BHB, the new recruit must subject himself to a severe beating for 31 seconds by established members of the BHB. This is known as “shooting a 31.”

In addition to their acts of violence, the indictment also alleges that members of the BHB are involved extensively in the distribution of illegal narcotics to include cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin. Narcotics distribution is the main source of financial gain for BHB members in addition to home invasions, robberies and burglaries. The members of the BHB physically
associate themselves with this group by wearing the colors red or black, the five-pointed star, gang tattoos and by marking their territories with gang graffiti.

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