Trijicon is going into business with BAE Systems; the Michigan-based company has inked a deal to license the defense contractor‘s OASYS thermal imaging and aiming technology.

Trijicon-BAE Systems Deal

The deal allows Trijicon to offer the OASYS line. In addition, in order to “accelerate Trijicon’s business position,” BAE will sell its existing OASYS inventory to Trijicon. The two companies will work together to ensure there’s no dip in product quality, transfer and knowledge, the press release says. They’ll also collaborate on a “potential product roadmap.”

“We look forward to building on the OASYS portfolio, working closely with BAE Systems to maintain quality and performance, and making the products accessible to a larger customer base,” Trijicon President Stephen Bindon said. “The addition of OASYS products to our existing thermal portfolio is a natural next step for our business. We are excited to expand our relationship with BAE Systems and proud to be able to offer this platform to our customers.”

“There is strong demand and an untapped market for the OASYS products. We believe that Trijicon’s business model will enable them to unlock this market potential while continuing to provide competitive, high-performance offerings to BAE Systems’ current and future OASYS customers,” said Paul Markwardt, Bae Systems’ VP and GM of Survivability, Targeting, and Sensing Solutions.

The OASYS Line

BAE’s OASYS line utilizes uncooled thermal tech, offering up imaging and aiming products that provide infrared thermal detection to deliver heightened situational awareness to operators. The line includes the SkeetIR x Micro Mono-sight; UTB x Universal Thermal Binocular; UTB x- LRF Universal Thermal Binocular-Laser Range FinderUTC x Universal Thermal Clip‑onUTC xii Universal Thermal Clip‑onUTM x Universal Thermal Monocular; and the RED- I Remote Eyepiece Display-Imager.

In 2011, USSOCOM awarded BAE an $11 million contract for its SkeetIR.

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