True Velocity 6.8mm ammo selected by Army, Lonestar Future Weapons

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) recently announced the acceptance of True Velocity as its newest member. The approval gives the ammo maker full voting rights within the ammunition regulation organization. Now company leadership will sit on SAAMI committees.

True Velocity Joins SAAMI Ranks

True Velocity remains a company on the rise. In recent years, the company received plenty of headlines for it innovative composite cased ammunition. Then last year, the U.S. Army selected True Velocity’s 6.8mm round for its NGSW Program.

“We are honored to have True Velocity voted into membership by SAAMI,” said True Velocity’s CEO, Kevin Boscamp. “Our goal is to continue to push the industry forward in terms of products, manufacturing, safety and technology. Having a seat at the table with SAAMI will help ensure future products are designed and manufactured with the precision consumers deserve.”

The company becomes the first manufacturer focused exclusively on composite-cased ammo inducted into SAAMI. The company will reportedly help set standards and performance specifications for new cartridges.

SAAMI continues its mission to create and promote technical, performance and safety standards for firearms, ammunition, and components. Additionally, it remains a leading resource for safe transportation, storage and use of those products.

“Since 1926, SAAMI has set the standard for safety, reliability, and interchangeability of firearms, ammunition and components,” said Rick Patterson, Executive Director of SAAMI. “While safety, reliability, and interchangeability are unwavering prerequisites to everything we do, we also promote the innovation that is the hallmark of this industry and drives SAAMI member companies. We are proud to add True Velocity to this list of industry leaders and look forward to their participation and input in our rigorous standards-developing process.”

True Velocity manufacturers a full line of rifle ammunition. Cartridges include .50 BMG, .338 Norma Mag., 7.62 NATO, .308 Win., 6.8 TVCM, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 5.56 NATO. For more information, visit

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