The True Velocity Genesis rifle is the civilian legal version of the Next generation squad weapon

It looks like the True Velocity Genesis rifle will hit the private market. This is the semi-automatic civilian legal version of the True Velocity/Beretta strategic partnership Next Generation Squad Weapon submission.

True Velocity Rifle Details

At this time, there aren’t a lot of details currently available. However, visiting True Velocity’s website gives you a form to sign up for more information on when the rifles and ammo will be available. The True Velocity Genesis rifle follows the same form as their rifle version of the NGSW. It’s a bullpup style rifle, chambered in their unique 6.8 plastic cased cartridge. Thanks to the bullpup design, the True Velocity Genesis is able to shoehorn a 19 inch barrel into a gun with an OAL of only 29.125 inches.

Availability and Pricing

Given that there aren’t a lot of details out, we can’t say when the rifle will be available. Any guesses on pricing would be exactly that: wild guesses. Regardless, the rifle still looks cool, and there will certainly be a market for it among collectors and shooters. Plus, if it’s priced competitively vs it’s SIG Sauer competitor, it will likely sell just for the novelty of having a gun that shoots ammo with plastic cases.

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