The Tulsa Police department recently released body cam footage from a fatal shooting on a busy highway. Responding to an active shooters situation, a Tulsa cop ended the madman’s terror with two shots, through speeding highway traffic, from his patrol rifle.

Footage shows the initial responding officer running, as he covers a substantial distance carrying his patrol rifle and delivering commands via radio. “Hold traffic, hold traffic, he’s got a gun,” the officer tells fellow officers via radio.

The officer slows his pace once he seemingly gains a visual, then eases up to a concrete wall alongside the busy highway. There, the Tulsa cop quickly settles into a supported position, gaining a point of contact with each elbow for greater stability, then coldly squeezes off two shots, dropping the suspect.

The suspect, later identified as Derrec Shaw, died on the scene. “Multiple witnesses said Shaw was firing at cars as he was in the middle of traffic,” reported “The initial responding officer used his patrol rifle and fired twice, killing Shaw.”

The incident began when officers responded to calls of an active shooter. The suspect went into a Cicis Pizza and fired at a man three times, striking him once in the shoulder. Then the suspect allegedly went a few doors down to China Wok. There, video shows him acting erratic, before he finally shoots another victim in the face, according to

Shaw then fled to a nearby hotel, pointed the gun at a clerk, paced around madly and fled again. That’s when officers finally spotted Shaw running up onto I-44. Then the Tulsa cop made an outstanding shot to stop the suspect.

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