Tulsa Police recently shot and killed an armed assailant recently following a chase across the city. When the suspect finally jumped from his vehicle and fled on foot, a Tulsa officer made a remarkable 60-foot pistol shot on a running target to stop the threat.

The suspect, identified as 37-year-old Eric Portillo, allegedly fired at police during the pursuit. Police said Portillo pistol-whipped and shot a victim at a convenience store earlier, prompting the police chase, according to

“I saw the gun in his hand,” Montgomery says in the video. “If someone can get to the intersection and let us know the crime we’re dealing with, if we have a SWIK [shooting with intent to kill], a homicide or just shots fired?,” reported

Tulsa Officer Responds

Officer body cam footage shows the police chase and eventual shooting. It began when officers first confronted Portillo, who refused orders to get out of his vehicle. Instead, the suspect, with an unidentified woman driving, sped away from officers. The woman reportedly bailed out of the car mid-pursuit, leaving Portillo to take over the wheel and continue to flee, according to

Footage shows Portillo drive through neighborhoods at slow speeds for several minutes. With one flat tire, the suspect finally abandons the car and attempts to flee, with gun in hand, on foot. That’s when 21-year veteran Officer Dean Montgomery jumps from his vehicle to drop the suspect with a remarkable pistol shot.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen members of the Tulsa Police Department deliver exceptional marksmanship skills in the heat of the moment. In May we reported an officer dropped a suspect with two shots from an AR though speeding traffic. In that shooting, a Tulsa officer showed exceptional command and control of the situation, and then calmly eliminated a dangerous armed threat.

“The Tulsa supercop truly earned that distinction,” said Donald J. Mihalek, remarking on the officer’s performance in the field. “This is the definition of a job well done.”

Once again, a Tulsa cop performed at the highest levels in the most difficult of circumstances. And the Oklahoma streets are safer for it.

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