Tulsa police officers shot and killed a man who pulled a gun on them during a recent stop in Oklahoma recently. Officer body cam footage shows the entire incident, which clearly shows the suspect pull a pistol from his waistband.

Officers initially stopped to help a disabled vehicle with its hazard lights on, according to There police found a woman, who said her boyfriend had gone to retrieve something to fix the vehicle.

Tulsa Officers Engage Threat

“She said she was experiencing problems with her wheels, a lug nut had fallen off. She said her ex-boyfriend had gone to get something to fix it, and he was on his way back,” said Sgt. Shane Tuell with the Tulsa Police Department, according to

That’s when police saw 50-year-old Luis Arreguin-Lara riding a bicycle back toward the vehicle, carrying a tire iron, according to Footage shows police ask Arreguin-Lara to drop the tire iron. But the man pulled out a gun instead.

“He turned his right hip sideways to get his hip away from the officers and began digging at his hip, and that was a key indicator to the officers he may have a weapon, and sure enough, he did,” said Tuell, according to

Though officers had only asked to speak with Arreguin-Lara, he decided to go for his gun instead. In the end, the suspect left officers with little choice.

“But ultimately, when you produce a firearm in the manner that he did, it was very threatening. They felt like, at the very minimum, their lives were in danger and [they] had to make that quick decision,” said Tuell, according to

Arreguin-Lara had a felony warrant for his arrest, which the girlfriend did mention, according to But officers never got the opportunity to confirm that fact before the man pulled his gun.

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