The U.S. Military's DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is nearly finished working on their One Shot XG sniper system.

The U.S. Military’s DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) — a Department of Defense agency specializing in the development of new technology — is nearly finished working on their One Shot XG sniper system, which is designed to provide the shooter with “the ability to see the aim point on the target in either day or night to enable rapid target identification, weapon alignment, measurement of range to target and the crosswind profile,” according to DARPA’s website.

The One Shot XG is the third generation of their One Shot sniper system. With the XG update, DARPA is aiming to create a “field-ready system” which can be “clipped-on” directly to the weapon, therefore eliminating the need for a spotter/observer.

According to Kit Up!, DARPA wants to finish the second phase of the XG program by the Spring, so services can use prototypes in field tests.

As Kit Up! reports, the One Shot XG is being designed to mount on a Picatinny Rail. The integrated measurement scope must be capable of measuring crosswind and range in less than 3 seconds, and at a range of 1,500 meters during the day and 800 meters at night. It must also measure crosswinds up to 15 m/s, as well as a “range finder range of <100 meters to up to 2,000 meters +/- 1 meter on E-size target,” according to DARPA. In addition, the One Shot XG system “should not interfere with the riflescope when using in-line night sights such as PVS-22, 27 and thermal sight such as FLIR HISS,” DARPA said. Read more:

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