The U.S. and South Korea confirmed the dates for their annual Key Resolve and Foal Eagle military exercises.

The United States and South Korea have confirmed the dates for their annual Key Resolve and Foal Eagle military exercises. Key Resolve will take place Feb. 24 through March 6, while Foal Eagle is scheduled for Feb. 24 through April 18.

According to a press release, Key Resolve is a command post exercise which demonstrates the defense capabilities of South Korea in conjunction with the United States. Roughly 5,200 U.S. forces will participate in KR14 this year, with 1,100 of them coming from outside South Korea. In addition, South Korean forces from all military units will participate.

“Key Resolve is a vital exercise to strengthen readiness of the Republic of Korea and U.S. Alliance. I look forward to training with all of our ROK, U.S. and Sending State participants,” said Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, Combined Forces Command commander. “The scenarios are realistic, enabling us to train on our essential tasks and respond to any crisis which may arise.”

As the press release states, Foal Eagle is a “series of joint and combined field training exercises” encompassing ground, air, naval, expeditionary, and special operations. Around 7,500 U.S. forces will participate in FE14, in addition to South Korean units.

“The United Nations Command has informed the Korean People’s Army in North Korea through their Panmunjom mission about both Key Resolve and Foal Eagle exercise dates and the non-provocative nature of this training,” the press release said.

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