Ukraine's state-owned defense conglomerate has signed an $11.5 million contract to deliver 50 T-64 main battle tanks to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ukroboronprom, Ukraine‘s state-owned defense conglomerate comprised of roughly 130 companies, has announced it has signed an $11.5 million contract to deliver 50 T-64BV-1 main battle tanks to a foreign country it did not identify. However, Russian news site later reported that the country in question was the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Vadim Fedosov, director of Ukroboronprom’s armored vehicles, artillery, automotive, engineering and special equipment division, touted the deal as a major breakthrough. The deal marks the first time that the tank has been exported by the Ukraine company.

According to Defense News, the tank being exported is an updated version of the old Soviet T-64.

Fedosov said that the latest deal will allow the Ukroboronprom to increase its workforce by 20 percent compared with a year earlier. The manufacturer plans to modernize the tanks for the recipient at the group’s production facility in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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