As a result of a recent change in state law, beginning Nov. 1, the officially permitted concealed carry of weapons will be allowed throughout the state, including on campus grounds.

The law allows members of the public to carry concealed firearms (with a permit), knives (not switchblades), tasers and billy clubs, except in areas where expressly prohibited by law.

The law also provides that the university will continue to ban the open carry of firearms and other weapons at all times and in all places on campus.

In addition, the law provides the university may continue to ban concealed weapons in its buildings, athletic events, at campus events and where appropriate signage has been posted.

On Sept. 19, Physical Plant staff began installing signs on all building entrances informing individuals that firearms and weapons continue to be prohibited in buildings.

“It is our goal to implement this law with the least potential disruption to the academic mission of the university,” says UWPD Chief Susan Riseling. “We reaffirm our existing prohibition that all university buildings remain off limits to guns and other weapons.”

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison

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As a result of a recent change in state law, beginning Nov. 1, the…