The U.S. Army Product Manager, Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment (PM-SCIE) and Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) will be conducting a Camouflage Improvement industry day on 9 December 2010 (1000-1500, 0900 registration) at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in Adelphi, Maryland. The intent of this industry day is to allow the Army to open lines of communication as it relates to the sources sought that was released on 29 June 2010 (W911QYFAMILYOFCAMO), address areas of concern with current camouflage solutions, identify a path forward and timelines as they relate to potential camouflage changes, as well as clearly identify the process (i.e., testing, evaluation, etc.) that will be used in determining the solution that is in the best interest of the government.

The 29 June 2010 sources sought (W911QYFAMILYOFCAMO) was for a family of camouflage patterns. A family is considered to be of the same or similar geometry with coordinating color palettes to cross the global operating environments. Global operating environments are defined by a geographic classification system that subdivides the global landmasses into areas with similar environmental characteristics. Examples of these environments include but are not limited to: physiographic features such as arid and humid river plane, low and high relief mountains, plateau; land cover such as forest / full ground cover, shrub land / moderate ground cover, barren or sparse ground cover, cropland, snow and ice; and seasonal changes.

Interested organizations are asked to register prior to 24 November 2010 by contacting Sandra Fletcher at 301-394-5506 / [email protected] or Mr. Timothy Brown (301-394-3863 / [email protected]). The following information is needed for each participant: full name, company or organization, citizenship, email address, phone number. There will be a nominal fee charged the morning of the event (cash only) to cover refreshments. . Directions to ARL, cost and local hotel recommendations will be emailed to all participants once they register.

Subsequent to the close of this notice, the Government intends to solicit for and award multiple developmental contracts for the purposes of evaluating (via computer and field) a family of camouflage patterns. The developmental contracts will include a priced option for the Government to purchase the data rights to the family of camouflage patterns.


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