U.S. Army Lab Day 2015
The High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator will be on exhibit during Lab Day at the Pentagon, May 14.
(Photo by U.S. Army Photo)

The following is a release from the U.S. Army:

The Pentagon Courtyard and south parking areas will be abuzz with the Army’s latest research and technology and weapons systems exhibits and displays, May 14.

Throughout Lab Day, all of the Army’s displays will highlight the Army’s commitment to innovation.

Heidi Shyu, assistant secretary of the Army (acquisition, logistics and technology) and Army acquisition executive, said that “it is crucial that we continue to invest in science and technology investments. The developments and concepts our labs will be displaying at Lab Day will enable us to produce the next-generation, breakthrough technologies that will define the Army of the future.”

Displays will showcase technology in various stages of development. Program managers and subject-matter experts will be on-hand to describe all of the systems’ unclassified capabilities and answer questions.

Among the systems shown will be the Concept for Advanced Military Explosion-mitigating Land Demonstrator, or CAMEL, a nontraditional Army Ground Vehicle Survivability Demonstrator, designed and optimized with the latest advancement in armor and protection for the safety and survivability of the occupants.

An “Evolution of Night Vision Technology” interactive display will illustrate the fusion of digital imagery and symbology, networked with the warfighter’s night vision capabilities.

The “Tunnel/Subterranean Detection Technologies” interactive displays will inform how the Army is shoring up its perimeter security in the United States and hotspots throughout the world.

The “High Energy Laser” mobile display will showcase the progress made in developing solid state/fiber-optic laser technology. The display will feature a scale model of the ruggedized compact demonstrator.

Visitors will see examples of the Army’s medical research and development activities directed toward disease and injury prevention, as well as, treatment and rehabilitation of injured warfighters to include combat casualty care advances, hemorrhage control and blood products, and the Army’s Ebola response and research efforts. Other examples will include regenerative medicine including burn care, wound healing, and skin substitutes.

Scientists and engineers will be on hand from the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command; the U.S. Army Medical, Research and Materiel Command; and the Engineer Research and Development Center.

Mary Miller, deputy assistant secretary of the Army (research and technology), said that the Army is “pleased to have this opportunity to display some of the most innovative projects and research performed by our Army scientists and engineers. These exhibits are just a small cross-section of technological innovation that showcases the knowledge, skills and expertise resident in our Army laboratories and centers.”

The exhibits will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. In the chance of poor weather, an alternative day has been scheduled for May 15 with the same operating times.

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