Washington, DC — Over $3 million in congressionally-directed funding secured by U.S. Representative Michael A. Arcuri (D-Utica) and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) for Remington Arms to begin upgrading the U.S. Army’s fleet of 3,000 M-24 Sniper rifles is included in a Fiscal Year 2009 funding bill expected to pass the House of Representatives today.

“I am proud to bring these tax dollars home to invest in the best possible equipment for our troops and ensure economic development and job creation right here in the Mohawk Valley,” Arcuri said. “Our soldiers deserve the best possible equipment, and Remington Arms is second-to-none. Upgrading the M-24 sniper rifles manufactured at Remington Arms will protect our soldiers around the world and protect jobs at Remington.”

“As the men and women of our military bravely serve our country all over the world, the funding for Remington Arms will vastly improve its national security technology and equipment which will give our armed forces an even greater edge,” said Senator Schumer. “These funds will not only protect our troops at home and abroad but they will also give a much needed economic boost to the Mohawk Valley area.”

“We’re grateful for Congressman Arcuri’s leadership in securing funding from the House of Representatives to upgrade the M24 sniper weapon,” said Joe Gross, Vice President of Firearms Manufacturing, Remington Arms. “Our Remington employees are proud that they will be performing the manufacturing to upgrade this weapon, which is vital to the Army’s war effort.”

The funds secured by Arcuri and Schumer are included in The Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act of 2009 (H.R. 2638), which is expected to pass the House of Representatives later today.

In May, at Arcuri’s request, U.S. Army Brigadier General Mark Brown (Program Executive Officer – Soldier) joined Arcuri for a tour of Remington Arms in Ilion to highlight Remington’s superior craftsmanship and workforce. General Brown is responsible for design, development, procurement, and sustainability of virtually everything U.S. soldiers wear or carry in the field, including the M-24 sniper weapons systems.

“It was an honor to host Brigadier General Brown in Ilion, and I will continue to work with Remington to expand their military capabilities and develop a long-range partnership with the U.S. Army that will strengthen the company and spur economic growth in our region,” Arcuri continued.

M-24 Sniper Weapons systems have been fielded to the U.S. armed services since 1987.  Remington has been maintaining these weapons in Ilion, New York, and will be responsible for M-24 upgrades in the future. Remington’s proposal to upgrade the M-24 sniper rifle would save the federal government nearly $6 million dollars.

Remington Arms in Ilion is in the process of working to expand their expertise into a more military presence. In Ilion, the company currently manufactures most of the M-24 sniper rifles used by U.S. servicemen and women across the globe.  Remington has been a significant employer in Ilion since 1828 and currently over 900 employees work in the plant.  Five hundred Remington Ilion employees will work on the M-24 upgrade.

Arcuri also secured legislative language authorizing funds for the M-24 upgrade in the Fiscal Year 2009 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 5658) Conference Report that is also expected to pass in the House and Senate this week.

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