US Marines to Deploy SPMAGTF Unit to Kuwait (CREDIT: Sgt. Gabriela Garcia / Marine Corps)

A new crisis-based unit from the U.S. Marine Corps is being prepared for deployment in Kuwait.

The unit will see approximately 2,100 Marines deployed to the area, according to Marine Corps Times.

Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF) Central Command will be equipped to perform noncombat evacuation, humanitarian assistance, infrastructure support, tactical aircraft recovery, fixed-site security and theater sustainment missions, said Brig. Gen. John Love, assistant deputy commandant for plans, policies and operations.

Plans to deploy the unit predate the conflict in Iraq and Syria with the Islamic State. Love, who spoke Sept. 25 at the Modern Day Marine expo, made no reference to the militant Islamic group or where the unit would be deployed, and a Marine Corps spokesman would say only that the Marines would be based in multiple locations.

“We believe that by having multiple, forward-deployed, tailored MAGTFs, the efficiencies they gain will provide a sustainable and enduring worldwide crisis-response capability,” Love told Marine Corps Times.

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